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Toronto Service Procedure

BestOkill Inc. has a very lucid policy in regard with providing pest control services to all our valuable clients in Toronto, ON. Both BestOkill Inc. and the clients are requested to follow the below mentioned terms and conditions for the effective pest control treatment in Toronto, ON.

BestOkill Inc. will provide all written or verbal information about the treatment method and pesticides used during the pest control programme to the client.

The clients are bound to prepare their site to be treated according to these instructions. Otherwise the BestOkill Inc. will not be responsible for the failure of Pest Management treatment or for any sickness, property damage of any kind, bodily harm/injury, or death of human/pets. In case of rental properties in Toronto, ON like rental houses, apartment buildings and all other rental units, the clients will be personally responsible for all their tenants, occupants and visitors to enforce and comply with all the explained terms and conditions.

BestOkill Inc. will keep all the personal and credit related information provided by the client confidential and secure. BestOkill Inc. will not share this information to any other company, organization or agency for any reason.

Client has a full right to know about the pesticide used during the pest management programme and their effects.

BestOkill Inc. believes in safe, environment friendly and result oriented pest control services in Toronto, ON. We offer guaranteed pest solutions to our clients in Toronto, ON. The clients will follow all the instruction given by the exterminator/pest control technician during the guarantee period otherwise the guarantee will not be effective.

If the clients want to cancel / reschedule the appointment they will inform to the BestOkill Inc. 24 hours before the due date and time. Otherwise BestOkill Inc. will charge 50% of the total amount of service from the client.

It is the moral duty of the client to pass on all the correct information about the infestation to the exterminator for the effective and batter treatment.

The client will get quotation and agree the rates for all kind of pest control services in Toronto, ON and bound to pay as per terms and conditions after the service. In case of cheque payments, if the cheque is returned by the client’s bank for any reason, the customer will pay extra $ 35 fee to the BestOkill Inc.

After the treatment the client will be personally responsible to take care of all the exterior/interior bait stations, traps and all other tools used during the treatment.

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